Dunedin for the IIBA NZ Roadshow 2013 Winter Tour


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Aug 10th, 2013

On 9 August 2013, a group of BAs from a number of organisations braved the cold and gave up their Friday evening, to listen to the last instalment of the IIBA NZ 2013 winter tour.

After a brief introduction from the Ministry of Health’s BA manager, we talked to the group about what IIBA does for its members and the benefits of professional certification.

This was again followed by two workshops:

Andrew McNaughton kicked off again, talking about how the BA Body of Knowledge is front of mind and useful as part of his everyday work.

Then I ran a use case workshop. As the whole group were familiar with use cases, we were able to pile straight into the exercises. We had fun exploring what the Birley Salt Beef deli sandwich bar (Canary Wharf) would need from an online ordering system, and what this could look like as a use case diagram. This helped expose them to some of the evolved use case thinking around system actors (block-heads) and time-trigger actors (clock-heads), and we had time to discuss ‘Use Case 2.0’, the more recent release from Ivor Jacobson, that demonstrates how use cases can work effectively on agile projects.

It was good to see so much participation on a Friday night after a week of work, and it was good for some of the attendees to realise how many BA practitioners there actually are in Dunedin.

(Dunedin is also a great place for a night out … and that, as they say, is another story)

Thank you Dunedin, and New Plymouth, and Hamilton. It has been a great week, and awesome to meet so many enthusiastic BAs around the country.

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