What is business analysis?

Back in August 2010, I reported on the findings of a group trying to define business analysis. Three years later, in July 2013,  Blair Loveday (a longstanding friend and colleague) and I ran a session at the BA Skills Development Forum in Auckland on the role and responsibilities of the business analysis practitioner in the system development life-cycle (SDLC); will post that presentation online soon.

As the audience for this session were those just starting out or in the early stages of their business analysis career, we felt that we should ensure that everyone had a common understanding of what we meant by business analysis.

So I developed a short video, based on animated word transitions, that presented a number of key concepts and activities for which business analysis practitioners are responsible. It was received really well, so here it is for everyone to be able to view and share it with their colleagues.

What is Business Analysis

Edit: This has since been put on YouTube, so you can find it there as well.

Edit: This video has now been seen by more than 2,500 people across multiple channels.

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