Starting a new chapter, from contributor to author

From October 2014, I have finally made the move from article writer and book contributor to becoming a fully-fledged author, working with John Carroll on the next edition of Agile Project Management in easy steps.

John is a project management consultant of many years experience, author of several books, the blogger behind The Tao of Project Management, and coincidentally my father (hence the middle initials ‘JC’ in my own name).

His recent post, on tuan 81 The Reward, is a great example of how he has created a long-running discourse on project management and life based on Taoist philosophy and the ‘I Ching‘. As well as publishing many books under the ‘in easy steps‘ series, he also published The Way of the Project Manager, a book that captures the nature of his blog.

Three years ago, he consulted with me on the first edition of ‘Agile Project Management in easy steps‘. Now that it’s time for a refresh, he has invited me to co-author. I am humbled and excited to work on this project with my father, the next few months will be fascinating, and I look forward to the new edition coming out in 2015 with my name on the cover too.

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