Adaptive organisation design (ICP-ORG)

The traditional pyramid hierarchy existed to solve specific problems in the workplace. With the shift to more agile ways of working, organizations need a structure that will respond and adapt quickly to new challenges and the world around them. We need to find ways to break down divisional walls and increase opportunities for people in different areas to work collaboratively. Additionally, there is a need to align the organization around the flow of work through the system and reduce bureaucracy to optimize value delivery throughout the entire organization. This set of Learning Outcomes focuses on the concepts behind, and reasons for, adaptive organization design.

This two-day course is delivered by a highly qualified coach trainer, with real-world experience of working in agile transformations and agile teams, and follows Training from the Back of the Room research-backed brain-based approach. Expect this to be hands on, interactive … oh, and fun too!


  • Why adaptive organizations matter
  • Shifting behaviors and approaches in the organization
  • Defined focus
  • Dynamic teams
  • Agency, autonomy, and accountability
  • Understanding organizations as networks
  • Creating shared understanding
  • The journey to adaptivity