Jun 12

Eat my theory of constraints

Recently, I volunteered to make free lunches for over 2,600 school kids. As well as doing good, I felt this could be a fantastic opportunity to observe the theory of constraints in practice. It was, and I discovered some really unexpected insights (for me).  (more…)
Jun 06

Becoming an agent of change

"The only thing constant is change". We’ve all heard that phrase. Maybe so much that we tune it out as a cliché. The world around us is constantly disrupting us … everywhere in our lives. "We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond". But,... read more →
Mar 29
Aug 05
May 16

Becoming a SAFe Agilist

This week, I passed my Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agilist certification, with a score of 89% (46 questions out of 52 right). Whilst I am happy to have added a better understanding of another approach to scaling agility in large organizations, not everyone shares my enthusiasm. (more…)
May 11

The over capitalization of Scrum

Should key terms be written with leading capitals or in sentence case? Should someone be known as a Product Owner or product owner? We are used to so many of the terms we encounter and use day-to-day being capitalized. Articles, course, and books all scream them. Why is this? Are these really proper... read more →
Apr 15
Apr 12
Apr 11

Scrum in easy steps

Following the 2015 success of 'Agile Project Management in easy steps', I was asked to write a book on Scrum. Two years later it has now been published and will be available through most booksellers and websites, as well as electronically. However it was not a certainty that I would... read more →
Oct 13