We provide public and bespoke in-house learning courses, and facilitate workshops for from one team to large-room events for a whole organisation.

Please get in touch to discuss timings and costs.

Our courses

Where noted, courses are aligned with and certified by the International Consortium for Agile (ICP), the Lean Change Institute (LCM), or VMEdu (VME).

Discovery and planning

  • Alignment with Objectives and Key Results
  • Discovering your product roadmap


  • Scrum foundations
  • Kanban foundations
  • Scrum delivery (VME)
  • Scrum master (VME)
  • Product owner (VME)

Change and transformation

  • Leading transformations (ICP, LCM)
  • Becoming an effective change agent (LCM)



  • Enterprise coaching (ICP)
  • Team facilitation (ICP)
  • Team coaching (ICP)

Workshop facilitation

Workshops tend to be unique one-off events. Here are some examples of recent events:

Collective planning

  • Strategic benefits mapping
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
  • Quarterly review and planning
    (Program Increments, Big Room Planning, etc.)

Problem solving

  • Root cause analysis
  • Design thinking
  • Delivery improvement
  • etc.

Please get in touch with your needs and we can advise what we can do to help, or recommend you to someone else who can.