Lean Change Management

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When you need to transform an organization to more agile ways of working, you need to adopt a more lean and agile approach to the transformation itself. Lean Change Management tells the story of how this approach evolved at a major government agency.

For hands on learning based on this book, see our Lean Change Agent workshop.

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This book describes how to implement successful change and bypass change resistance by co-creating change. The book does this through examples of how innovative practices can dramatically improve the success of change programs. These practices combine ideas from the agile, lean startup, change management, organizational development and psychology communities. This book will change how you think about change.

This book describes how the author led a team of change agents to help a government agency transform from an old-school public sector to a modern agile organization. It covers:

  • Why does change resistance emerge and what we should NOT do about it. And of course, how to harness that human reaction to the benefit of all involved in the change process.
  • Step-by-step descriptions of how ideas from many change methods and frameworks were combined to develop a customized change management process that was right for the government agency.
  • How we can customize our own change program just like they did at the government agency.
  • How we can involve the people affected in the change in the design of that change, to directly contribute to the success of the change program.

At the government agency, a newly appointed CIO had shaken the place up with some big changes, including a transition away from traditional management practices and towards more agile practices. A new approach to change was needed, that resulted in the Lean Change Management approach.

For hands on learning based on this book, see our Lean Change Agent workshop.


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