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Why adopting Scrum is more than a game

Too many people still seem to adopt Scrum by going through the motions, like playing a game of soccer at school because its the team sports lesson. Of course, better results are achieved when players are serious about improving their ball skills and team behaviors. They become invested in the outcome. How do we shift[…]

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Take two goals into a sprint? Creating a focus on improvement as well as delivery

We’ve all heard the reports that tell us how multi-tasking is not effective, how context-switching causes us unrecoverable down-time. We know from this that we need to be more tightly focused on a single goal (per sprint), one that we can organise our work around, one that more easily helps us know that what we’re doing[…]

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Planning Snap, or how Planning Poker can go wrong

You know when someone pulls out the packs of planning poker cards that you’re about to enter into a parallel universe where the normal rules of working life are temporarily suspended and we use a form of game-play to get us past the awkwardness of not wanting to estimate our backlog items. I will be writing[…]