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Stop trying to make agile development too lean

People often use the terms agile and lean interchangeably, as if they are the same thing. They are not. Others assume that if you are doing one then you are doing the other. This is partly true, although they are quite different concepts that come from different sources. While applying lean principles to agile development[…]

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Why adopting Scrum is more than a game

Too many people still seem to adopt Scrum by going through the motions, like playing a game of soccer at school because its the team sports lesson. Of course, better results are achieved when players are serious about improving their ball skills and team behaviors. They become invested in the outcome. How do we shift[…]

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Four steps to agile risk management

While our delivery teams focus on designing, building, and testing product increments, we can pretty much guarantee that unforeseen events will interfere with their work. Once these have occurred, we call these impediments, because they block or impede work. While they are still just potential, we call them risks. It is good practice to identify[…]

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Barriers to agile transformation

I have been quiet for a while, and this is largely because through the last nine months I have been completing my masters thesis on strategic business agility. This is vital today, as organisations face turbulence caused by so many factors like digital disruption, climate change, financial crises, regulatory change. Yet nearly two-thirds of organisations attempting to change[…]