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Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge: released for review

At the Agile2010 conference in Orlando the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) released a draft of the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) — introducing how business analysis on agile projects changes from traditional/waterfall approaches.

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Adding business value – focus on delivering what our organisations really need

How can we be sure that the projects and activities in which we’re involved actually grow our organisations in the direction they need. The incremental adjustments towards an organisation’s goals are termed business value — and in order to understand this, how we can plan to improve it, and measure that we have — we must first define it.

This article reviews a conversation on business value, and ends with a recommended definition that covers most scenarios.

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Five insights into product innovation from the Air New Zealand Skycouch

In a groundbreaking development, Air New Zealand are building on their success as Airline of the Year 2009 by lifting their long-haul economy-class experience above the chase for cheapest price. Learn how they took the best in user experience and usability testing, combined with good agile working practices, to drive the New Zealand spirit of innovation to another world first — lie-flat beds in economy.

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3 Steps to developing a RACI matrix

When Morpheus gave Neo the option of the red or blue pill, it was a decisive moment in him choosing to live in a shared dream state or wake up and find out what the world was really like. That matrix was bad; however in business analysis, a matrix can be really helpful. When you have[…]

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The Feng Shui of continuing personal development

In work and in life, do you follow the line of least resistance, pushed to and fro by what other people do? Would you rather take responsibility for your own development, personal as well as professional? In this series of articles, I explore how we can adopt a mindful and constructive approach to our own development.[…]