Stop trying to make agile development too lean

People often use the terms agile and lean interchangeably, as if they are the same thing. They are not. Others assume that if you are doing one then you are doing the other. This is partly true, although they are quite different concepts that come from different sources. While applying lean principles to agile development … Continue reading Stop trying to make agile development too lean

It’s structure, not culture, that kills change

Are you attempting a large-scale transformation, taking your organisation on a journey to a leaner, fitter future so you can deliver delightful quality customer experiences responsively, seizing market opportunities or tackling problems even before they appear? If so, then you’ve probably drunk the cool-aid that it’s all about culture, that you have to change the … Continue reading It’s structure, not culture, that kills change

Fifty shades of governance

This talk, which followed my article 'Bringing sexy back to governance', was presented at the 2012 BA Development Day conference, and covers what we mean by governance, what the fifty shades are, and what we can all do about it – in short, this is a call to action for lean governance. Background I worked on many early agile projects and introduced agile practices … Continue reading Fifty shades of governance

Bringing sexy back to governance

Have you had enough of bloated, slow-moving, toothless governance processes that cost more than the value they add and impede flow of good projects without intervening on bad projects? In this article, I talk about how it should be different and float the ideas that should lead to a leaner governance more fit for the 21st century.

In Defence of Gates

As I have worked on the 'Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge' over the last year, I have repeatedly come across the assertion--by many agile practitioners--that we no longer need gate meetings on projects. From my experience in leading project governance this confused and concerned me, so I have looked into this and believe I have discovered why … Continue reading In Defence of Gates