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Fifty shades of governance

This talk, which followed my article ‘Bringing sexy back to governance‘, was presented at the 2012 BA Development Day conference, and covers what we mean by governance, what the fifty shades are, and what we can all do about it – in short, this is a call to action for lean governance.

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Bringing sexy back to governance

Have you had enough of bloated, slow-moving, toothless governance processes that cost more than the value they add and impede flow of good projects without intervening on bad projects? In this article, I talk about how it should be different and float the ideas that should lead to a leaner governance more fit for the 21st century.

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Five insights into product innovation from the Air New Zealand Skycouch

In a groundbreaking development, Air New Zealand are building on their success as Airline of the Year 2009 by lifting their long-haul economy-class experience above the chase for cheapest price. Learn how they took the best in user experience and usability testing, combined with good agile working practices, to drive the New Zealand spirit of innovation to another world first — lie-flat beds in economy.